The Sooner State Chapter of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers were proud to host at the 2010 Vendor Day Luncheon

Chip Paryzek

a presentation on "Bandwidth Management" by

Chip Paryzek

Director, Bandwidth Management Systems, Cox Communications, Inc.

Chip’s overall responsibility is to develop a 5 year plan for the use of spectrum in the HFC and the development of “Bandwidth Levers” that will make more efficient use of that spectrum. Out of this effort, many approaches have already been developed and implemented, such as the National Headends in Video to the Backbone (V2B), Switched Digital Video (SDV), development of a Service Group Segmentation strategy, and analog reclamations. This is an area that is continually progressing as technologies change, e.g. 3:1 HD local statmuxing.

He is also responsible for the engineering development and implementation of the V2B services, and the engineering design and launch of SDV throughout Cox, as well as the evaluation and approval of headend equipment used in the field other than the control systems. Over the last two years, he has overseen the expansion of V2B from nine (9) 3:1 statmuxes (27 HD channels) to 420 channels consisting of a mix of thirty one (31) 3:1 statmuxes (HD), and SDV SPTSs (SD and HD). V2B is continuing to grow rapidly, and is expecting to be transmitting over 525 channels by the end of the year. The SDV growth has been just as fast going from 1 launched site in 2008 to 7 launched sites to date with expectations of 2 more by the end of the year.

Graduate of Texas A&M

Co-authored with Michael Adams: “Raising the Bar on SDV”, published in CED Magazine, October 2006.

Manager, Operations, Launched and ran the first international distributed processing X.25 network (Fedex Zapmail) for 4 years.

Director of Engineering, Compression and transport of High Resolution images  (2 years)

Program Manager/Satellite RF Engineer, for satellite rural telephony and video conferencing TDMA systems throughout Asia (4.5 years)

Sr. Staff Systems Engineer, Convinced most of the content providers that MPEG-2 video was at least as good in quality and much better in financial return than analog. (S-A, 6 years)

Sr. Staff Systems Engineer, PrismaDT and PrismaIP development, also sat on the IEEE803.17 RPR working group for 2.5 years (S-A)

Principal Architect, SDV development and QAM development